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Here you can find the complete Report 2013, separate chapters as PDF and the most important tables as Excel download. To add a file to your collection, just click this icon on the right hand side. To remove a selected file from your collection click the X icon. Your collection can be downloaded as a zip file then.

PDF Files

Annual Report MRSK Ural 2013 pdf
Highlights of the Year pdf
Shareholder Letter pdf
Company’s profile pdf
On the way to the tops pdf
Sophisticated technologies are a ticket to success pdf
Operating results pdf
Tariffs pdf
Economic review pdf
Risk management pdf
Shareholder capital and securities pdf
Corporate governance pdf
Strategic communications pdf
Social policy pdf
Financial statements pdf
Appendices pdf

Excel Files

Balance Sheet 2013 (RAS) xlsx
Profit and Loss statement 2013 (RAS) xlsx
Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income xlsx
Consolidated Statement of Financial Position xlsx